Top 10 Things Served on Satan’s Buffet from Hell

It must be getting close to suppertime, because I’m starting to think about food.  Always contemplating a good spread, this scripture came to mind:

“People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places

at the feast in the kingdom of God.” – Luke 13:29 (NIV)

Do you ever try to imagine what will be included in this heavenly feast?  What would the Lord God put on His buffet?  I’ll admit that I have visions of fried catfish, shrimp, pulled pork barbecue, crawfish, crab salad, ribeye steak cooked medium well, unlimited sweet tea, and sweet Arkansas watermelon.  Maybe a little chicken fried backstrap, too.

Well, my imagination being what it is, my thoughts have also turned to wonder just what Satan would have at his feast in hell.  What follows is purely speculation on my part as to:

The Top Ten Things on Satan’s Buffet From Hell

10.       Neapolitan Ice Cream


9.         Baked Prunes


8.         Stuffed Bell Peppers


7.         Anything with coconut


6.         Chicken Pot Pie


5.         Beef liver


4.         Unsweetened Tea


3.         Beets


2.         Any Casserole



and the Number One thing on Satan’s Buffet from Hell:


1.         Sauerkraut



Additions?  Subtractions?






6 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Served on Satan’s Buffet from Hell

  1. Any Casserole! I would definately subtract casseroles from my list and have to add Andes Mints because those are my least favorite thing to eat ever. 🙂 And I figure if it is on Satan’s buffet it would be something that is really miserable to eat.

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