My Blog at 100

Growing up, I didn’t like to write. But I HAD to write. I loved to read, but my writing never seemed to be satisfactory to those whose profession was to critique writing. I just never seemed to conform to those predetermined academic formulas for “success.” Because of that negative reinforcement, I never really formed any type of desire to string words together unless forced to do so.

Years went by and Life intervened. In the course of various professional capacities I was required to write commercials, newsletters, print advertisements – in other words, I had to…practice. Occasionally I have also been known to take the lyrics to songs and modify those lyrics a bit (see: Flagman – The Album). This was probably my first real attempt at writing for enjoyment. Along the way, a strange thing happened. My writing improved. A little. (You should have read it before now!)

On The Day in 2012 when I decided to create this blog, one of the most terrifying moments of my life came when it was time to hit the “publish” button on Post Number One. This was terrifying for two primary reasons: 1, because my post would be on the World Wide Web, never to be undone or erased. The second reason? My post would be on the World Wide Web, and people might see it and laugh (you know, like when you say or do something and people laugh because they think you are kidding and you aren’t?) Yeah, like that.

That was 100 posts and five years ago. A hundred posts! The feedback I have received has been mostly positive, and those that have been haters have mainly been so because my compositions sometimes stray from the path of the Well-Constructed Paragraph. I have grown to understand where my joy in writing comes from – it comes from communicating a thought, or a mood; an observation or opinion, and sometimes even a little joke. My writing has (d)evolved to the point where my idea of a successful post is one in which my thought was communicated in a way that was true to my beliefs, and that I could read and understand what I was trying to get said. No real writing formula, just perseverance until I get my words the way I want them.

As far as posting to the World Wide Web, over the course of 100 posts I have had well over 4,500 hits on my blog from both the U.S and 10 other countries: Canada, Ireland, Russia (were they hacking?), Japan, UK, India, Denmark, Thailand, Italy, and Sweden. My how humbling this is! I cannot even fathom that an average of 45 people would read each post I submit. I don’t think I even know 45 people.

Who would have ever thought that some hick that grew up in Arkansas and lives in East Texas could have that type of audience?

So let me stop right here and say this: Thank You. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for your occasional interest in what I have to say. It means more to me than any words I can put here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you some more.

I also want to let you know that the world needs to hear YOUR stories as well. If there is readership in cyberspace for what I submit, there will be readership for you, too. You don’t believe me, do you? I know, I can hear the objections already.

“I’m not a good writer!”

“I don’t have anything to say!”

“Nobody would read it.”

“People will laugh at me.”

My response: have you been on social media? You don’t have to be a good writer (yet), but you will become better. The more you write, the more you will find that you have to say. The more you have to say, the more readership you will have. And if people ridicule you? Write about them in your next post! The Power Of The Pen, baby! Or the computer, anyway.

Your voice may be the one the world needs to hear RIGHT NOW. And it all begins with that one little click on “Publish.”

In the meanwhile, Thank You for reading this blog. You’re the best. Now go write something!





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