Getting Antsy, Y’all!

If you’ve been following along, you will recollect that last year I breathlessly and enthusiastically returned to the classroom following a two-year self-imposed hiatus from education. I ended up in a classroom with 90 Sixth Grade students spread unevenly over four class periods (12 in one, 32 in another) teaching Social Studies as we studied cultures from around the world. Or as I liked to tell the kids, we studied Life.

When I was hired last summer, I was assured that I would get a Comprehensive Curriculum well before the first day of classes at the beginning of the school year. And that indeed occurred, if “well before” equals five days. Of course scavenging furniture for my room, trying to learn the names of the other teachers, filling our paperwork on students, and hot-gluing maps to the wall took up far less time than anticipated. It was the Connecting of Technology To My Computer that was the you-know-what in the punchbowl. I did finally dive into the curriculum, but I began the year behind and did not catch up until I raked the pile of paperwork on my desk into the trashcan on the Last Day of School. Which means, by definition, I Am Not Yet Behind On My Paperwork! AND, our curriculum is now online, as opposed to printed in the 8” three ring industrial binder we had before. Yes, things are coming up roses so far.

All this brings me to my point: I am ready to get going, erbody! My family has enjoyed enough of my company this summer, and it is getting difficult to sleep at night because I’m thinking about what to do in my room. Many of you are doing the same thing.

This year, I actually have a plan ahead of time on how I will teach, on what my room will look like, and on how it will function. I also know what part of the curriculum should be taught (all of it, wink) and what should be ignored (none of it, wink wink). Efficiency is my theme of the year. Teach it and teach it well. And keep on moving, because a moving target is harder to hit!

I am also ready to see my hallway teacher friends; my teaching team people, my Social Studies brotherhood, and my friends from the Other End of the Hall (bless your hearts).

Yessir, I love my job, I love my co-workers, and I can’t wait to meet my new students. There is just something special about the beginning of a new school year. Energy, anticipation, and all the Back-To-School sales on supplies team up for a thrilling beginning.

Whether the floors are finished being waxed or not, I am going up to that schoolhouse this week even if I have to climb through the window to get in. My patience has expired. I’m ready to go, getting antsy! To paraphrase The Man, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, “Diamonds are forever, and so is …the excitement of a new School Year! Woooooooooooooooooooo!”



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