Hi. My name is Brinn, and I’m Not Normal

Nope. I’m not normal. Not even close. To be honest, I never have been normal and I don’t really care that much about becoming that way. I prefer being not normal. Actually, I thrive on my own abnormality. What follows is my logic for being…different.

    1. Being normal is BO-RING! Where is the fun in being like everyone else? Where is the adventure in being unique, set apart, and comfortable in my own aging skin? Short answer: it isn’t fun and there is no adventure. Normal=Boring.
    2. Watching people react to my being abnormal is a form of personal entertainment. Is this mean? Maybe a little, but it sure is fun to see the expressions on people’s faces when they are trying to decide if I am serious or not. Just yesterday a friend asked me the last name of one of our Church staff. I grinned and told him, and he knew me well enough to look it up himself. I was highly entertained.
    3. I like doing things that are not considered normal. Again, for my own amusement and for watching the reactions of others. For instance, I am one of the enlightened few that know to put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese. And spaghetti. And steak. Ketchup is a multifunctional condiment. Also, sometimes on the interstate or at a stoplight I smile, point, and wave at people like I know who they are. Cause it’s fun!
    4. I am (shockingly) an only child. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Yep, a lot of my quirkiness comes from my own imagination. Talk to myself? Yes. Answer myself? Of course! (See what I did there?) Sometimes I practice making faces in the mirror to use on the general public. A mad mama coming to see me because I gave her child a bad grade? The perfect time to roll out the One Eye Straight Ahead, The Other Eye Crossed Look. It always slows ‘em down! Watching them figure out which eye to look at is another of my self-entertainment activities. I learned that look from my son. Apparently abnormality runs in the family. We are blessed.
    5. Evidence on this particular one is scarce, but there are those misguided few among us that claim that I am an instigator*. Again, there is little actual proof of this one, but I will admit that from time to time, when I’m bored or in need of self-entertainment, I have been known to stir the pot a little. Not maliciously; usually, just enough to get a rise out of someone taking themselves too seriously.   *fake news
    6. The best reason that I’m not normal is because the Lord God made me this way. Psalm 139: says so. To quote: Psalm 139:14 (NIV) “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Who am I to dispute the Word of God? I may not be normal, but I ain’t stupid, either. In fact, while I laugh on the inside at the “fearfully” part wondering what that means exactly, I smile on the outside because I am apparently wonderful! I suspected it all along.


And so are you. Wonderful! Enjoy it!


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