Year of Hope – Week 2

Welp, Week One is in the books, so to speak. As I focus on trying to increasingly encourage those around me in 2018 – the Year of Hope, this first week was a mediocre success. You see, complimenting my wife is not something with which I am unfamiliar. While I am not too intelligent, I have been married to the same Lil’ Hottie for 35 years, so the whole complimenting thing is not that new.

I do think I missed some opportunities this past week, and will be looking for ways to do a little better. The main result from Week 1 was that I can begin to see a slight turn in how I view my circumstances, as if I am looking through a bit of a different lens. We shall see if the trend continues this week.

This week, Week 2, is the week I concentrate on encouraging my children. I’ve tried to be an encourager to them all along, as well as playing the part of the “bad guy” when that was needed. This week I intend to concentrate on looking for opportunities to speak positives into my children that I may have previously missed. My daughter leaves this week to go back to college as she prepares to graduate in August, and my son lives four hours away. Each will come with a different set of chances to encourage.

If you are playing along at home, and you don’t have kids, I would urge you to look for others’ kids to encourage. There are a lot of parents struggling, either as single parents or with financial woes, or in any of a number of other ways. Their kids may just need to hear a different voice speaking hope in to them. If you don’t know what to say, compliment an article of clothing. A comment as simple as “I like your shoes/coat/shirt” will make more of a difference than you would think! Opportunities will find you, if you make yourself available.

As a reminder, next week is Extended Family Week!

Have an amazing day, and remember that you have something that the world needs to hear – words of hope, love, and encouragement. Speak them!


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)


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